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Emergency Evacuation Plan Checklist

Evacuation Planning Checklist

This is a companion guide/checklist to Survival Prepping 101 Series Part 7 Pillar Post: Plan Your Evacuation Measures, Evacuation Plans: GOOD – Get Outta Dodge!


ü  Identify Potential Emergencies: Understand the types of emergencies (like fire and natural disasters) that could occur in your area.

ü  Designate Evacuation Routes: Map out safe pathways to exits and meeting spots.

ü  Establish Meeting Points: Set precise meeting locations outside the danger zone.

ü  Assign Responsibilities: Designate individuals for specific tasks like alerting others, shutting off utilities, or assisting with evacuation.


ü  Emergency Contact List: Compile a list of essential contacts including family, neighbors, and local emergency services.

ü  Notification System: Establish a system to alert individuals of an evacuation (alarm, PA system, or text alerts).

ü  Two-Way Radios: Ensure a means of communication among family or team members during evacuation.

Training and Education:

ü  Evacuation Drills: Conduct regular drills to familiarize everyone with evacuation routes and procedures.

ü  Emergency Procedure Guide: Create a guide detailing the steps to follow during various emergencies.

ü  First Aid Training: Provide basic first aid training to family members or personnel.


ü  Emergency Kits: Prepare kits with essentials like water, food, medications, and first aid supplies.

ü  Personal Protective Equipment: Have items like gloves, masks, and eye protection available.

ü  Transportation: Ensure vehicles are fueled and in good repair for evacuation.


ü  Emergency Plan Document: Maintain a written or digital plan easily accessible to all involved.

ü  Medical Records: Have copies of essential medical records in your emergency kit.

ü  Insurance Documents: Keep copies of insurance policies accessible.

Special Considerations:

ü  Mobility Needs: Plan for individuals with mobility challenges, ensuring they have the necessary aids like wheelchairs or walkers.

ü  Pets and Livestock: Have a plan for evacuating animals, including carriers and animal emergency kits.

ü  Utilities: Know how to shut off utilities like gas, water, and electricity if necessary.

Regular Review and Updates:

ü  Update Contact Information: Keep emergency contact lists current.

ü  Review and Update the Plan: Regularly review and update the evacuation plan, especially following changes in household or facility layout.

ü  Evaluate Drills: After each drill, evaluate performance and identify areas for improvement.

Community Coordination:

ü  Local Emergency Services: Coordinate with local emergency services and know community evacuation plans.

ü  Neighborhood Watch or Community Groups: Engage with community groups to share information and resources.

Click here to download the Emergency Evacuation Checklist PDF

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