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Basic Survival Gear Checklist

This Basic Survival Gear Checklist is a companion guide to Start with the Basics – Survival Prepping 101: Your Unique Action Plan

Essential Items for Your Basic Gear Survival Prepper Checklist


☐Water Bottles or Hydration Systems

☐Water Purification Tablets

☐Portable Water Filters


☐Ready-to-Eat Meals (MREs)

☐Energy Bars

☐Dried Fruits and Nuts


☐Compact Tent or Tarp

☐Sleeping Bag

Space Blanket


☐Fire Starter or Matches


☐Tinder or Firestarting Aids

Tools and Equipment:


☐Fixed-Blade Knife

☐Folding Saw or Compact Ax

☐Clothing and Personal Items:

☐Sturdy Boots

☐Weather-appropriate Clothing (rain gear, cold-weather gear)

☐Hat (for sun protection or warmth)


☐Flashlight or Headlamp

☐Extra Batteries

☐Solar Charger or Battery Pack

First Aid and Health:

☐Basic First Aid Kit

☐Personal Medications

☐Sunscreen and Bug Repellent

Communication and Signaling:


☐Signal Mirror

☐Emergency Radio with NOAA capabilities



☐Maps (local area and broader region)

☐GPS Device


☐Duct Tape

☐Zip Ties

☐Notepad and Pen

Basic Survival Gear Checklist PDF download

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