Emergency communication gear/radio for survival
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Emergency Communication Survival Devices Checklist

Emergency Communication Survival Devices Checklist

This is a companion guide to Emergency Communication Gear for Survival Prepping, Survival Prepping 101 Series Part 10: Invest in Emergency Communication Gear

Emergency communication survival devices checklist by SurvivalPrepperSupply.com
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It is vital to communicate effectively with others, particularly during emergencies and natural disasters when you may need to alert someone to your whereabouts to be rescued.

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You risk endangering yourself if you use only one form of emergency communication survival device and assume it will be successful. Always have a contingency plan and reliable equipment available as a backup.

Read this – Make a Plan (Ready.gov)

Basic Communication:

☐Cell Phones and Chargers

☐Landline Phone (corded, to work without power)

Two-Way Radios:

☐Handheld Two-Way Radios (walkie-talkies)

☐Mobile Two-Way Radios (vehicle-mounted)

☐Base Station Two-Way Radios (home or office)

Emergency Radios:

☐Battery-Powered or Hand-Crank Emergency Radio

☐NOAA Weather Radio

Satellite Communication:

☐Satellite Phone and Charger

☐Satellite Messenger Device

☐Satellite Internet Modem

Internet Communication:

☐WiFi Router and Modem

☐Mobile Hotspot Device

☐Ethernet Cables

Signal Boosters:

☐Cell Phone Signal Booster

☐WiFi Extender

Antennas and Accessories:

☐External Antennas (for radios or cell phones)

☐Antenna Mounting Hardware

☐Coaxial Cables and Connectors

Power Solutions:

☐Portable Power Banks

☐Solar Chargers

☐Car Charger Adapters

Headsets and Microphones:

☐Wired or Wireless Headsets

☐External Microphones

☐Speaker Microphones

Signaling Devices:

☐Signal Whistles

☐Signal Mirrors


Storage and Protection:

☐Waterproof Cases or Bags

☐Hard Cases (for delicate or fragile equipment)


☐Extra Batteries (rechargeable and single-use)

☐Battery Chargers

☐Cleaning Kits (for maintaining device cleanliness)

Educational Resources:

☐Communication Device Manuals

☐Basic Radio Communication Guide

☐Local Communication Regulations and Guidelines

Communication Checklist PDF

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