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Grab-and-Run Emergency Kits for Swift Evacuation and Preparedness

In times of unforeseen emergencies, having a well-equipped 72-hour emergency kit readily available can be a lifeline for you and your family. These “grab-and-run” survival kits are designed to sustain you for up to 72 hours, ensuring you have essential supplies to weather the storm while waiting for assistance or for conditions to improve. Assembling these kits is an act of foresight and responsibility, and it’s crucial to include items that cater to the basic daily needs of every member of your household. See link below for PDF of kit contents.

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Advice on How To Store Supplies

While the 72-hour timeframe is a minimal benchmark, it serves as a critical buffer as you navigate through the initial phases of an emergency. However, it’s strongly advised to have a more extensive 2-week food supply stored in or around your home as a long-term measure to address prolonged disruptions. Remember, the key to effective emergency preparedness is not just a matter of having the essentials, but also being aware of how to rotate, replenish, and sustain these supplies over time.

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Survival Kit Choice

The choice between purchasing pre-made 72-hour kits and crafting your own depends on your preferences and requirements. Families with varying needs might consider distributing supplies across multiple small backpacks or plastic containers, ensuring easy transport and accessibility. One of the notable advantages of crafting your own kit is the ability to tailor it to your family’s tastes and dietary restrictions. After all, a little familiarity and comfort during trying times can go a long way in maintaining morale.

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Contemplating the Contents

When contemplating the contents of your kit, remember that practicality and versatility are key. Each item should serve a purpose beyond its primary function. For instance, opt for a portable radio that can operate without batteries, utilizing hand-crank mechanisms or solar power. First-aid supplies, coupled with survival handbooks, provide both medical assistance and crucial knowledge in handling unexpected situations.

Complete Emergency Prepper Survival Kit

Everlit STORM II Comprehensive Emergency Prepper Survival Kit.
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EVERLIT STORM II Complete 72 Hours Bug Out Bag Emergency Survival Kit for Family. Be Prepared for Hurricanes, Floods, Tornados, Earthquakes, Other Disasters

The STORM II Emergency Survival Kit is for 3 people for 72 hours. It was designed and hand-picked by survivalists, experts, and veterans. The Storm II prepper survival kit is the most comprehensive and ULTIMATE emergency kit to get you well-prepared for any emergency or disaster. Everything is stuffed in a heavy-duty tactical backpack.

The Everlit Storm II kit contains water and food approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, with 36 Packs of 125ML Emergency Drinking Water and 3 Packs of 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Bars.

Includes First Aid Essentials including a CAT Tourniquet for Bleeding Control, 200 Pieces of comprehensive medical supplies.

Survival Gear and Tools, including 3 in 1 Hand-Crank flashlight (radio and phone charger), emergency shelter, thermal blankets, poncho, goggles, gloves, CAT tourniquets, camping knife, compass, glow sticks, and many more. Enough to keep you safe and prepared during the first critical 72 hours of any unpredictable emergency event.

The Storm II is a heavy-duty tactical military-spec molle backpack. Easy to organize and store with four main compartments of the bag and many inner pockets. Made from 1000D polyester, the bag is tear and water-resistant and designed to survive in harsh environments. Features adjustable waist strap and shoulder straps, tough zippers, and comfortable mesh padding. The front and side molle panel can be used to attach your personal gear. The average review rating is 4.8 of 5. Most recent reviews have 5 stars!


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Access to clean water is paramount. Ensure your kit includes water purification chemicals or filtering solutions, providing at least 1 gallon of water per person per day. But it’s essential to also consider the weight and bulkiness of water containers, as not all options are suitable for every scenario. Backcountry pump filters, complemented by water treatment chemicals, can be game-changers in ensuring safe hydration.


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Contemplating shelter is equally important. From waterproof matches and utility lighters to wool blankets and heat-reflective “space blankets,” these items collectively create a cocoon of comfort and protection against the elements. Prioritizing quality in your flashlight—consider LED headlamps for their efficiency and durability—ensures dependable illumination when you need it most.

Personal Needs

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To address personal needs, a thoughtfully curated assortment of toiletries, clothing, and entertainment items can provide a sense of normalcy amid the chaos. As a practical consideration, include essential toiletries, such as toilet paper, toothbrushes, and soap, alongside specialized items like prescription medicines and diapers. For sustenance, a selection of easily stored and nutritious foods is vital. Nuts, canned goods, dry cereals, and military-style preserved meals can offer sustenance while being mindful of limited storage space.


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Navigational tools like maps, compasses, and whistles contribute to your safety, assisting in finding direction or attracting attention when necessary. Tools like sewing kits, ropes, and multitool knives address unexpected needs, from repairing clothing to fashioning improvised shelters.


Completing your kit with essential documents, contact numbers, and financial resources, including cash and spare checks, adds another layer of preparedness. Having these elements organized and readily accessible can be invaluable during stressful situations.

Teton Backpack to Add Your Own
Emergency Survival Prepper Supplies

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Teton Scout Backpack in 3 Sizes

TETON Sports Scout Internal Frame Backpack – Adjustable High-Performance Backpack with included Rain Cover, 45L, 55L and 65L. The best backpack makes all the difference. At a surprisingly great price, TETON’s Scout Backpacks are ideal for explorers looking for comfort in the great outdoors. The popular 3/4 frame pack has been updated with sought-after colors and new features, raising its fit and finish to an even higher level. The 45L high-quality pack is excellent for smaller frames and young teens, while the 55L and 65L give you the same quality, but for average to larger frames.

Ensure your 72-hour survival kit includes the following items:

Link to PDF of Item List:

– Portable radio, ideally one that functions without batteries through methods like hand cranking or solar power.

– First-aid kit with survival manuals.

– Water, water purification chemicals, or a filtering system capable of providing 1 gallon per person per day. Use water filters with a carbon core for removing chemicals, and supplement with iodine crystals for virus elimination.

– Waterproof matches, a waterproof match container, and a utility butane lighter.

– Warm blankets (wool or pile), a sleeping bag, and a heat-reflective, waterproof “space blanket.”

– Flashlight with spare batteries or a solar recharge option, preferably an LED headlamp.

– Candles and light sticks for emergency lighting.

– Toiletries including toilet paper, toothbrush, soap, razor, etc.

– 3 days’ worth of food per person, focusing on easily stored options.

– Multi-tool knife with various functions.

– Map, compass, and whistle for navigation and signaling.

– Sewing kit with heavy-duty thread.

– Towel or dishcloth.

– Utensils and a compact camping “mess kit.”

– Shelter options like a tent or plastic sheeting.

– Extra clothing suitable for different weather conditions.

– Entertainment items and special needs provisions.

– Garbage bags and sewage treatment chemicals.

– Heavy-duty nylon string or light rope.

– Important contact numbers and bank information.

– Spare checks and cash.

– Colloidal silver generator for creating antibiotic solutions when medical supplies are scarce.


In conclusion, a well-prepared 72-hour emergency kit is a tangible expression of your commitment to safeguarding your family’s well-being in the face of uncertainty. While these kits are designed to sustain you in the short term, the broader concept of preparedness should be an ongoing endeavor. By proactively maintaining and updating your supplies, you’re not only better equipped to handle emergencies but also to adapt and endure the challenges that might come your way.

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