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Blend In as a Gray Man when You Bug Out

Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself and Your Supplies When Bugging Out

When you’re evacuating, you won’t be alone. Large crowds of people will be on the road as you travel to your safe destination. This is when you learn how to blend in and not stand out.

Blend in as a gray man when you bug out for survival prepping.  By Liam Simpson of Unsplash
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Over time, however, these numbers will diminish, leaving more elbow room. But, you’ll still encounter others. This is when you want to fade into the background.

Right now is not the time to boast about your capabilities or possessions. If you stand out among individuals who are surprised, concerned, and feeling increasing panic, you will only make yourself a target.

To protect yourself, it’s best to blend in with others when you’re in a group. If you’re alone, try to stay out of sight.

People will be looking for someone to meet their needs.

In a survival situation, such as bugging out, individuals may search for valuable goods to steal or use to trade for the supplies they require.

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In a post-apocalyptic world, having emergency supplies can attract dangerous individuals looking to take your resources.

One way to hide is not to look like you’re ready for anything. For instance, don’t wear clothes that make you stand out. This will make you less noticeable if you’re walking down the street with a gun on your belt.

Hide any weapons and dress appropriately. Choose clothing that is gray or black in color, making it difficult for others to identify you. It is important to avoid wearing anything bright and flashy, as well as anything too expensive, in public

Move around unnoticed and blend into the crowd. Approach people in a casual manner. Hide whatever makes you distinct, such as a unique hairstyle or a piece of jewelry. “The guy in the black shirt and jeans” is less memorable and easier to overlook than “the person with a distinctive haircut and a flashy accessory.”

As important as it is to protect your family, it’s equally vital to safeguard your supplies When it comes to resources, the less fortunate may attempt to take what you’ve stored, but it becomes less appealing if they don’t even know it exists To ensure your safety, avoid carrying a bug out bag that’s easily recognizable, such as one featuring bright colors or a flashy logo

Keep your equipment secure and private, even from friends. Discussing your equipment can lead to people taking advantage of you, so it’s best to avoid it.

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Don’t discuss what you have when you’re with other people. Society’s laws are only obeyed by those who aren’t desperate. They’ll take whatever they can, even if it means using violence.

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